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UNDUMBED - Superhuman Living For The Rest of Us (BY Dr. O)

"Simply Stunning

Dr O is Picasso with a pen.

A true talent and creative genius!!! "

Charles Ajayi-Khiran 
[Inspirational leadership speaker & corporate trainer]


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About The Book

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“What Would Happen If The Smarter .. Funnier .. (Better Looking) Version Of You Took Over Your Life Today?”



There are 2 you’s living inside your skin right now.. 

Superhuman YOU pulsating with oodles of superfluous power ready to change the way that the world spins on its axis .. and then ... Dumbed Down Damaged You who wouldn’t know what time it was even if they lived inside Big Bens clock tower all day. 


Now I don’t know which version of you is reading this .. but if I can take a guess .. then this book wasn’t written for that you .. it was written for the other one ..  


The YOU who’s tired of playing second fiddle and watching the clown show comedy of errors that you’ve been inflicting on both you’s for far too long. 

Imagine You .. Just Much Better ...


The human brain is so incredible that it can do things on the turn of a dime that are orders of magnitude beyond what any super, quantum or hyper computer can dream of on its best day. 


The best of us has barely scratched its surface using less than 10% of its obscene creative power and never pressing the turbo boost button that can blow the world away. 


But what if that power curve is exponential? 


What if the next 10% gives us access to 100x more of its explosive might and opens the possibility of unlocking ways of being, thinking and doing that we can’t begin to imagine today

What's Holding YOU Back?.. 

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation that leads the victim to question their reality and sometimes leave the sane world. 


It happens quietly and subtly, at the same time that life ‘happens’ to us. But it's the brutal emotional charge attached to the those critical life defining events that causes the pen of our possibility engine to corrupt its own software with self limiting beliefs and introduce damaging lines of code that cripple the mind. 


Long after the life event is forgotten, the broken avatar we create (in order to live in the dysfunctional Pandora story we’ve invented about ourselves) continues to self sabotage at every opportunity in order to prove itself right. Sound familiar? 

(.. procrastination, giving up too soon, talking yourself out of it anyone?)


It’s just dumb .. like badly written fiction .. and because human beings always like to look good .. (even to the point of destroying their lives in order to prove that they were right about the lie that they believed about themselves) .. the self fulfilling prophecy we tell ourselves gaslights us further on our slippery slide into clown world. 

If YOU Could Live Your Life Over Again ...


This is the book that ‘future you’ would build a time machine for, smuggle past life’s check points and break every ethical time directive protocol that there is in order to it get into ‘your hands’.


It’s not a ‘Self Help’, ‘Positive Thinking’ or ‘This is How You Do It’ book, it’s a paradigm shifting game changer written not for you, but (like Hans Christian Andersons ‘Ugly Duckling’), written for the sleeping giant who speaks to YOU through the greatness you admire in others. 

Have YOU Shown Up In Your Life Yet? ..


People are not looking for you, they’re looking for YOU and the gift that YOU’RE carrying. And if you’ll allow me to speak to that gift, Live! .. Breathe!, do not allow the damage, neglect or down right disbelief of your carrier to dissuade you of your priceless necessity. We want you, we need you, we wait with breath baited for the joy and hope you’ll bring. 


And if you’ll allow me to speak to you, your in YOUR way, your in our way, but you’re one decision away from extraordinary .. 


So if you’re interested in becoming something different, something better, something more. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to leave living a less than ordinary life .. Get UnDumbed and begin your journey today



It’s the reset button you wish someone had told you about before you’d started your race. 


'The Elevator


Lockdown has undumbed us all!

It’s opened our eyes to just how unique wonderful and special ‘normal’ life was and how we're all guilty of taking it for granted. But if you’re only waiting for the restrictions to lift so that you can get back to ‘business as usual’ .. then you’ve missed the silver lining in the unique (but distressing) cloud that’s been hanging over our incredible world. 


A few of us will come out of this better, stronger and much more powerful then ever before, social distancing themselves from the old person that they use to be by dropping the ‘bottomless excuse bag’ of procrastination, blaming and lame reasons for not achieving our dreams that plagues us all.  


‘The Elevator Experience’ is your amazing ticket to becoming one of that few. Probably unlike anything you've ever experienced before...this Once In A Lifetime Experience creates an brief 'opportunity bubble' that you step into, discover your super power and then leap out of, enriched with 'The One Powerful Gift' that makes miracles happen in your life. And if you're anything like the rest of the passengers who've UnDumbed themselves in this dizzying slingshot, The Elevator Experience will absolutely blow you away ... 

'Play The Field!'

Or Get Played .. In A Field! 

If you never make it to ‘The Field’ ... (Your Field!), then you’re like the athlete who 'played themselves' because they never made it to ‘The Game’.


The Field is the peanut butter to your jelly, the macaroni to your cheese. It’s the uncomplicated 'DN' to your 'A' game and after you discover how well your shoe fits to its slipper, you’ll wonder why you ever wasted so much time trying to playing anything anywhere else.   


The Field is that spectacular world that you’ve somehow always known existed because you can both see and feel it on top of the one you occupy today. 


You see it as you watch through the window admiring its ‘athletes’ performing with heart pounding magnificence through the spectacular application of their game. 


And you feel it as something inside you cries out affirming that you're meant to be doing do the same.   


UnDumb yourself and choose to climb out the of the stands today! 


'Choose You'

Life Chose You .. But You Have To Choose Yourself!!!

Lockdown describes anything that‘s bamboozled you into not realising your greatness and limitless potential. It’s effect is in clipping your wings so that you can no longer travel across the international waters of possibility or reach for the stars or the sky. 


Aren't you a little bit curious as to what your life could become if the best version of you showed up and ‘Picasso’d’ your very experience? 


Or what your world could become if you made a commitment to letting that version of you take the wheel? 


But let’s face it, few of us ever consciously make that quality decision to ‘choose ourselves’ and become an unstoppable force for good in the story of our passing lives. And almost none of us commit to “Whatever It Takes .. No Matter What!” or really go after the things we believe in, the things that will make a real difference to our needy world. 


Getting UnDumbed is the exact opposite of that. 


It’s like fire mixed with water. 

Fire, because once you ‘Get Lit’, you’ll become a trailblazing beacon for those all around and water, because you’ll become an unstoppable force of nature! 


What are you waiting for? 


Get UnDumbed .. It’s the gift that your worlds been waiting for. 



"Dr O is Picasso with a pen. 

A true talent and creative genius!!!"

Charles Ajayi-Khiran 
[Inspirational leadership speaker & corporate trainer]


Rene Guhl

(Director of Strong Tower Construction)

"It’s like a 3D view of your life, it makes you think and think and think some more until it forces you to act. If you are looking to shift some areas in your life get on

'The Elevator Experience'."

Vonesai Chivore-Muhaso

(Author of Purposeful You)

"Where has this talent been hiding???"

Cuthbert Jack

(Professional Speaker, Lecturer, Author and Community Development & Housing Practitioner)

"'Dr O. uses word weapons to challenge obstacles and create change.
"People are waiting for me! .. I'm here for others! .. I like that!""


(Dance Choreographer)

"... I wish I read this 10yrs ago!"

Dr Uche Amaechi  

(General Practitioner)

"Certain things can click into your life at the right time beckoning you to transform into what you have always wanted to be. To grow to your fullest self. This work is a call to action that cannot be ignored. The Fresh Writings and concepts from Dr. O. are a delight to read. Poignant, whimsical and necessary. I am eager to see what comes next!

Thank you for creating such an amazing piece of work." 

Brian Channer

(Director of Odd Zebra and Nu Briton, Former Senior Parliamentary Worker for The Labour Party)

"One of the most inspirational books I've ever read!"

Kuda Muza 

(Director of Leon Logistics)



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